GM Hopes the New Chevy Bolt Will Electrify Audiences

chevy-bolt-06-15-small-e1435204527352The new Chevrolet Bolt (not to be confused with the plug-in hybrid Volt) is designed to bring long-range electric car travel to the masses with an affordable price point of $30,000 after federal rebates. GM is currently testing prototypes in hopes of a strong 2017 launch. Boasting a 200-plus mile range, this car will directly compete with Tesla’s Model 3 slated for production in 2017. The Bolt will be available in all 50 states and is manufactured in the US. However if Tesla can deliver on its promise, the Bolt may have difficulty keeping up with the $27,500 Model 3.

Chevrolet’s only other all-electric offering is the Spark, which costs less than $20,000 and is available in Maryland, California, and Oregon.