Electric Vehicle Owners Spark Researchers’ Curiosity

Researchers at the National Transportation Center at Morgan State University are curious about environmental and safety attributes of electric vehicle ownership and commuting behavior. If you own or lease an EV that is registered in the State of Maryland, they would like to include you in a brief research survey. The five-minute online survey asks about EV owners’ purchasing decisions, commutes and what safety technologies they would prefer. All responses are confidential and will not be shared with any state agencies or private companies. Only the National Transportation Center researchers will collect the data, aggregate the results and analyze the final response.

The survey will be open until January 1st.

For additional information on their study, you can visit http://www.matsutc.org/mode-choice-between-electric-vehicles-and-rail-transit-for-commute-trips/

We appreciate your insights, and hope the results can help us further expand the EV user base!