Frederick County TransIT Electric Buses

Frederick’s TransIT Services plans on adding a small fleet of five electric-converted buses for 2016. The “Zero Emission Propulsion System” buses from Complete Coach Works will be deployed in conjunction with Frederick County’s updated routes and Bus tracking app. The buses start as used diesel commuter buses before they are refurbished and their engine is swapped out for a 201 peak horsepower motor spinning at 3600 rpm. Complete Coach Works upgrades each bus with lighter seats and flooring to save weight and increase performance. CCW can transform a diesel bus to electric in just 10 days, all while saving money and reducing the carbon footprint compared to building a bus from scratch. The bus saves maintenance and fuel costs and should save an average of $340,000 over the lifecycle of a bus! These will be the first five ZEPS buses on the east coast.

Frederick County has seen major population growth the past ten years and growth is expected to continue. More and more people will soon be relying on the transIT system of Frederick and the electric buses will show their worth economically and morally. This mini-fleet could be the test bed the county needs to make a major switch in to electric vehicles.