Recent Warm Weather and Electric Vehicles

I live in Annapolis, Maryland and I have done so for the last 23 years. I remember back in elementary school during the winter how sometimes I had to wait outside for school to start and it was so cold that I was actually in pain. I had to use techniques such as putting my hood up as well as wearing gloves and still putting my hands in my pockets to stay warm. I never wondered if it was going to snow, instead I wondered when and how much it was going to snow. Fast forward to 2015 and the last semester of college and it would seem that had moved to Florida or some other warm southern state. This past weekend I was wearing cargo shorts, had my sleeves rolled up, and even dug the flip-flops out from the pile of shoes resting in the corner of my closet. I also got out the lawnmower and did a little bit of yard clean-up. I was as if spring had come about five months early. On one hand the warm weather was nice since it allows one to get outside and be active instead of being stuck inside with a case of cabin fever. However, on the other hand, it is kind of sad. What happened to having to put one’s hood up and wearing gloves and still having to stuff one’s hands in one’s pockets to stay warm? What happened to having a white Christmas? More importantly though, what does this have to do with electric vehicles? Well, for me at least, whenever I experience bizarre weather I think about climate change, global warming, pollution, etc. In fact, when I turn the key, and hear my car’s V8 rumble through its dual exhaust pipes I actually feel a bit guilty. I wonder if winter would be like the winters I experienced 15 years ago if more people drove clean vehicles like EV’s. I think a lot people have similar thoughts; however, with gasoline selling for $1.82 at Sam’s Club and with colder weather in the forecast for next week, such thought probably quickly vanish. That needs to change, winter is my favorite season.