Carbonized Leaf + Sodium = Battery

It seems that battery innovation is growing curiouser and curiouser.

Sodium batteries, a work in progress, continue to pose challenges such as “finding an anode material that is compatible with sodium” – where even sophisticated resource-intensive graphene has fallen short.

How appropriate that common vegetation might prove to be part of the solution.

Carbonized Oak Leaf

This kind of research and development is a boon on the path toward democratization of sustainable energy, a goal yet to be realized. The more funding this kind of research and development gets, the better.

US electricity could be powered mostly by the sun and wind by 2030: Rapid, affordable energy transformation possible

As naturally abundant (less costly) materials increasingly figure into the production and storage of sustainable energy, the holy grail of humane human progress comes closer and closer to being within reach: universally accessible clean reagents/catalysts for the growth and sustenance of societies. Given how much conflict revolves around the scarcity of traditional energy sources like oil, the increasing democratization of sustainable energy also means an increasingly peaceful planet.