Use That Tax Return on a Pre-Owned EV!

Tax refund season is always a fun time to treat yourself. If you want to treat yourself and your environment, look no further than the frugal new world of pre-owned electric vehicles. Check online and you will find that the tri-state area is saturated with wonderfully inexpensive options. As with any vehicle purchase, know the positive and negative aspects before you buy. While traditional used vehicles have thousands of parts that will wear or break soon after purchase, an EV has less components, and many of those components are under less stress. The downside of a used EV is the battery life. While it is possible for a car to lose its ability to hold a charge, most EVs like the Nissan leaf offer a battery warranty that is transferable to a second or third owner. Overall, used EVs offer more value than they do issues. Here are some great options I’ve found:





I leave you with a car fanatic’s top tip: CarMax will offer each customer an additional bumper to bumper warranty for a reasonable price based on the individual car. If the model you decide to purchase has known issues, buy the warranty! You can get every nut and bolt replaced at the dealership, and they’ll send the bill to CarMax. For most vehicles, the warranty will pay for itself.