Baltimore’s Semi-Electric Bikeshare

Say hello to what will be “the largest pedelec bike-share system in the Western Hemisphere,” in the words of Bewegen Technologies Inc., Baltimore’s Dutch-German bikeshare vendor. This fleet is set to include 200 pedelecs — electric-assist bicycles, that is. Bewegen is a leader in cutting-edge tech, including easily installable stations powered by solar and wind energy and an accompanying app that lets you unlock a bike from your smartphone.

Bewegen Technologies Bikes Station

When can we expect to ride one of these pedelecs up the daunting incline of Charles St.? Bewegen estimates a launch date of this coming fall, with 50 stations primarily serving the Inner Harbor and surrounding areas.

This initial launch will also function as a pilot providing insight into aspects of a properly functioning Baltimore bikeshare — such as organic daily flow of the 500 bikes, effectiveness of the to-be-determined pricing, and safety.

Here at BEVI we applaud the City’s dedication to developing alternative, active transportation options — to being among the first, not the last, to an innovative bikeshare system.

As recently as last August, BEVI met with Caitlin Doolin, head of BikeBaltimore, Liz Cornish, executive director of Bikemore, and others involved in advancing Baltimore’s sustainable transit network. We advocated electrification of the upcoming bikeshare fleet and raised the hopeful possibility of electric-assist trikes as a later stage: essential elements of an integrated, activated, and world-class urban transportation network. The 200 pedelecs are an excellent start.

Bewegen PEDELEC Details 2

Hats off to the Department of Transportation, Bikemore, and their collaborators: together they are putting Baltimore on the frontier of urban alternative transit.

Want to know more about Bewegen? Below are a few snapshots, and be sure to check out Bewegen’s site for additional information:

Bewegen PEDELEC Details 4 Station

Bewegen PEDELEC Details 1

Bewegen PEDELEC Details 3