Seeing More Teslas on the Road

I am an HVAC engineer and I currently work in Towson. I live in Annapolis, so that means I have a 100 mile round trip commute everyday. I spend over two hours on the road each day and it takes around 20 gallons of gasoline each week to drive those 500 miles. Needless to say, I spend a lot time on the road. I see all sorts of cars. From BWMs to Priuses, I have see it all. However, there is one car that is very elusive and that is the Tesla, but that seems to be changing. I mean just today I was in downtown Annapolis, MD having dinner at Chick & Ruth’s and I saw two Teslas, one was parallel-parked and the other was sitting in a parking lot. I actually saw two people get into the one in the parking lot and drive away. They looked like normal people wearing nylon jackets and jeans, not the fancy suits and sunglasses that one would expect them to wear (or at least I do). As they pulled out of the parking lot I was surprised that there was actually some noise. There was not engine noise of course, but perhaps a faint whine and the sound of the tires rolling on the pavement. Quite honestly, the Tesla looks like a pretty normal car and blends in pretty well. The only thing that really gives its identity away is the T on the front grill. It does not have the easily identifiable looks of say a Corvette or BMW and I suppose that is good thing since for me I would like to see electric cars look more normal. Personally, I do not want to drive around in something that looks alien. Anyway, I am seeing more and more Teslas on the road these days which is a good sign that the electric car movement is starting to catch on.