Tesla Model S 2016: The Brilliance Behind the Beauty

Sleek, slender, sexy. From the look of the Tesla Model S, one may think that the S stands for those three words. While no one knows what the S stands for the beauty and appeal of the car cannot be denied. Besides its amazing appearance, the Model S has outstanding features. The Model S 2016 has features such as autopilot, adaptive lighting, and a bio-weapon defense mode. All of the innovative technology adds to the impressive performance and safety of the car.telsas

The autopilot in the Model S includes autosteer, lane change, and autopark. Even though the autopilot is in cruise control the driver must still have his/her hands on the wheel at all times to be prepared for any situation. The autopilot is an amazing feature that contributes to the uniqueness of the Tesla models. Another brilliant feature is bio-weapon defense mode that uses a medical grade HEPA air filtration system to remove about 99.97% of exhaust pollution and nearly all allergens and bacteria from the car space. Tesla is changing the definition of car safety with the bio-weapon defense mode. The adaptive lighting is also used to ensure safety by using 14 three-position LED dynamic turning lights to improve visibility at night. All of this outstanding technology makes the Model S a brilliant and captivating car, but also very expensive. The prices start at 70,000 and go up to 108,000 depending on the car’s configuration. While the Model S is groundbreaking inside and out, the question is could these beauties ever be affordable?