Solar energy meets electric vehicles: cars, kiosks, and portable storage.

One of the most interesting things that I have been wanting to explore with this internship is how the fields of solar energy and electric vehicles can and do interact. One such example that I have found is the Ford Solar C-Max Energi.  The initial design had a solar panel at the top which was designed as a battery extender, but has since been removed.


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While it may not be suitable for all products, solar panels offer an interesting alternative to coal/other fuels for obtaining power for electric transportation. One of the reasons that I am excited about attempts to combine these fields is that electric transportation (bikes, cars, and everything under the sun) offers a solution to the problem solar has: storage. Trying to transport or store solar power has often been a large problem, and this energy is often wasted. Seeing it used for electric vehicle charging stations, information kiosks, or even electric bike shares have convinced me that this might be a practical and useful solution that is beneficial to both fields.