Solar Power in Maryland

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For many people in Maryland, solar power is still a foreign concept. They do not see solar panels on homes in their neighborhoods or have never seen a solar panel anywhere. Solar power is becoming a heavily discussed topic as people across the world look for alternative energy. But where does Maryland rank on solar power usage compared to the other 50 states? Maryland is ranked number four, according to  On their 2016 solar power report card, Maryland received an overall grade of A. The grade and ranking were based on two categories, policy and incentives, and five sub-categories for each one. The diagram below shows the grade and ranking in detail.mdsolar


Based on the report card, it seems like Maryland residents have good reasons to turn solar. The only problem for most citizens is the cost. Even though it has tax incentives the upfront costs are very high. Installation upfront cost tends to be $17,750, and after $7,144 in tax incentives the overall cost is $10,641. For most people that is very expensive and they see solar power as a luxury and not a livable resource.  In due time, citizens are saving an average of $109 a year and if the home is owned it will pay off over time. Waiting years to make back the money spent on solar panel installation is not idealistic for most residents, but it is important to at least educate people on the benefits of solar power and future benefits to come.



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