Spero, an electric bike designed for India



Green technology is finding success outside the US, which is vital for continued growth. Up until now, the spot for green technologies have been largely in the US; companies such as Tesla are often the center of attention. But transportation around the world has a lot of issues which may be solved through electric vehicle technologies. Taking solutions from the US and shipping them overseas, however, rarely results in success.

Spero is a Indian-based company which bucks this trend. They not only built an electric bike for use by the Indian population, but crowdfunded it through demand from the population. It serves not only as a regular bike, but can quickly become an electric bike through a simple attachment of a battery. There are a number of additional innovations: the bike has digital displays which are designed to handle environmental hazards (such as heat and rain) common to the area, and is designed to blend in with other bikes.. While sleek design is often over-emphasized in the US, having a bike which stands out from the crowd may draw unwanted attention.


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