December 2016 Events

Defense Innovation Technology Acceleration Challenges, Austin, TX – November 29 to December 1“Delivering Innovation to Our National Defense” (main page).  Colocated with next two events.

Defense Energy Innovation Summit and Showcase, Austin, TX – November 29 to December 1“Delivering Energy Innovation to Our National Defense” (main page);(contact page).  Colocated with previous and next events.

Fall SBIR/STTR Innovation Program, Austin, TX – November 29 to December 1“Delivering Innovation – Accelerating Commercialization” (main page);.  Colocated with previous two events.

SAE 2016 Vehicle Electrification and Connected Vehicle Technology Forum, Shanghai, China – November 30 to December 1“… address the trends, challenges, and solutions for electrification of automobiles and transportation.”(main page).  (Exhibitors’ info.)  Contact page.