Adopting a new model for EV charging


Unlike combustion engines where re-fueling requires waiting at a gas station, EV charging is done when the car can park for a long time.  This is usually done either by charging at home or at the workplace, but these are not the only places people travel to; people may want to take vacations or drive to new places. In order to accommodate for this, infrastructure demands are changing.

Tesla is one of the companies leading the charge in adopting what is known as the destination charging model.  This model is very similar to franchising models: companies (such as Tesla) provide equipment to the property owner, which then maintain and supply power at their own discretion.

Doing this allows property owners to invest into their businesses, using charging stations as an amenity to attract new customers.  Everyone from small bed and breakfasts to larger businesses can benefit from these investments, and it will be interesting to see if this model catches on.


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