Charge Your EV in 10 Minutes: 350 kW On the Way


At present, regular fast-charging stations max out at 50 kW. Tesla fast-charging stations max out at 120 kW. Now the Department of Energy, the National Labs, and various other stakeholders are teaming up to make 350 kW EV charging reality.

As per a recent White House press release, “A 350 kW charging system could charge a 200 mile range battery in less than 10 minutes.”

This means it will be about as easy and quick to charge your EV as it is to dump a tank’s worth of gasoline into a traditional combustion-engine vehicle.

Great news for EV adoption rates. The easier / more convenient it becomes to own and operate an electric vehicle, relative to the indoctrinated standard set by combustion-engine vehicles — the lower the perceived switching cost — the easier it becomes for greater numbers of people to switch to clean transportation.

With each passing year, arguments against electric vehicles continue to fall by the wayside. Soon enough, it will be difficult if not impossible to defend the use of combustion-engine vehicles over EVs.

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