History of Electric Vehicles in the U.S Postal Service (1990 – Present)

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Since 1990s the use of electric vehicles by the U.S. Postal Service has increased significantly thanks to the Energy Act of 1992. Six electric vans named Ecostar from Ford were tested in California from 1993 – 1998.  In 1995, USPS expanded the electric vehicle project to Merrifield, Virginia, and Manhattan, New York. USPS also tried different electric vehicle models from many companies such as G.M Hughes/U.S Electricar, Solectria/Azure CitiVans, but has been challenged over the years to test new technologies that phase in and out of popularity or availability.

The USPS has been continuously testing EVs since 2000, including Segways in 2004, to reduce operation costs and to be environmentally friendly.  In 2013, USPS was “the largest civilian fleet of alternative fuel capable in the world” according to The Federal Automatic Statistical Tool ( also known as FAST) with 42,500 vehicles.


EV History, part 3 by Claire Tran