Green Howard

In an effort for to green Howard County, MD, the County has received a federal grant to add three full-size, light weight electric buses to its transit fleet for use in and around Columbia. These new buses will be powered by an inductive charger that provides energy to the bus batteries through electromagnetic induction. In other words, the batteries are re-energized without having to be plugged in. The inductive charging system, which looks like a large pad that the buses park on top of, has proven successful in Europe. Howard County’s will be the first in the country. The buses will operate on the County’s transit green route which is the most heavily used line, providing service to Columbia Mall, Howard Community College and Howard County General Hospital. More information can be found on the Howard County transportation website. Moreover, Ryan Popple, chief executive officer at Proterra, discusses the advent of electric buses being deployed in U.S. cities as funding grows to expand the technology. Here’s the Electric bus coming to your city video for the full interview.

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By John Messiha