Charging Has Never Been Easier

As many know, EV charge is contingent upon electrical charging stations, that can be located in the public arena, or within a consumer’s residence. This provides many opportunities for EV users to have fast easy access to charge vehicles in a cheap and reliable manner. For cars in the Chevrolet line, $3.10 will be applied to every 100 miles when using the car. This is clearly a more affordable and reliable opportunity for consumers to take advantage of. With increased tax breaks from local governments and a plethora of upcoming charging stations, the opportunity to get a EV has never been better. Everywhere from Hawaii to New York, residents are able to receive tax breaks while also being able to save the environment. Many local governments have been implementing electrical charge stations at no charge, meaning, it is completely free to charge your vehicle. This is extremely beneficial, as many are able to drive their car without any charge to both the consumer or the environment overall. Those that are remote, however, may not be able to access a charger publicly. But never fear!  With subscriptions for home chargers at $29 a month, charging an EV has never been easier. For more information, see

By: Emily Thomas