Maryland Readies to Charge It Up!

Maryland literally is charged to advance
clean transportation, clean air and environmental
benefits. In 2011, the Maryland Legislature created an entire Council dedicated to this purpose – the Maryland Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council, also known as EVIC. The purpose of EVIC is to prepare Maryland for electric vehicle adoption and use through careful planning and consideration of policies, resources, guides, education and legislation that may help pave the way for cleaner transportation options and related emission reductions resulting from electric vehicle use.

Chaired by Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Deputy Director Earl Lewis, EVIC meets bimonthly to advance EV planning and preparation. According to Chairman Lewis, EVIC’s role is to anticipate industry, citizen and consumer needs, and to be a good complement to these stakeholders. See EVIC’s website for information on its meetings, all open to the public, members, reports and objectives.

EVIC membership includes stakeholders from other units of Maryland state and local government, including the Maryland Energy Administration, Maryland Department of the Environment, Baltimore Gas & Electric, Pepco Holdings, Maryland legislators, businesses, county government, EV charging station suppliers, auto industry representatives and EV supporters. Come join the charge!