California the Trailblazer by Emily Thomas

Currently there are about 300,000 EV vehicles on the road in California, and it is expected to grow exponentially to 5 million by 2030. Recently in the California State Legislature, a bill was introduced where about $3 billion dollars in rebates would be released to consumers who purchased EV vehicles. Phil Ting, the pioneer for Assembly Bill 1184, cited that “electric cars are the future. We have reached a tipping point and it’s time to give the electric car revolution an aggressive boost. California’s ambitious goals to reduce climate altering emissions require transportation electrification. We need an incentive program to get everyone behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.”

The new CEVI (California Electric Vehicle Initiative) would offer incentive directly at the purchase, which would smooth the earlier process significantly. If the bill passes, at the time of purchase, buyers would receive a rebate anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000. In addition to the investment into EV vehicle purchases, this bill would create an offset of $500 million to help school and transit buses in California. The move towards sustainable transportation has never been greater, and it is evident that California is leading the way. Read more at


by Emily Thomas