What are ZEV States?

A Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) is any vehicle that releases zero emissions during operation such as electric or hydrogen fuel cells vehicles. ZEVs have no tailpipe, so they are said to be tailpipe emission free. California is the first ZEV state to issue stricter vehicle emission regulations. In June 2013, seven states followed California by adopting the ZEV program including Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Oregon.  Rhode Island and Vermont have also adopted the ZEV program.

According to the Auto Alliance Report, ZEV sales will grow by 2025 as follows: “In 2015, ZEVs represented 0.68% of total sales nationwide, or about 114,000 vehicles out of 16.9 million new vehicles sold. By 2025, sales of ZEVs are required to be 15.4% of total sales.”

By Claire Tran