40% Growth in EV Sales in Only a Year


In the matter of a year, EV sales have gone up dramatically. From July 2016 to June 2017, sales in EV vehicles have gone up 45% and continue to rise with more affordable cars from Tesla and Toyota. States such as California are a huge contributor in the movement towards zero-emission vehicles. Through California’s strong campaigns through policy, infrastructure, public awareness and overall care towards EV Vehicles, sales continue to increase. In addition to Chevy and Tesla joining the movement towards zero emission other major car companies such as Cadillac and even Toyota have slated cars to debut this December. The accessibility and the affordability associated with EV cards, thus consumers are much more inclined to purchase vehicles. Electric Vehicles are the future of the car industry and more and more consumers seem to be leaning more towards this alternative.

Link: http://blog.ucsusa.org/peter-oconnor/electric-car-rolling-sales-numbers

By Emily Thomas