Powering Buildings Using Electric Vehicles

In addition to their beneficial effects towards the environment, electric vehicles are now being explored in order to investigate their effectiveness towards supplying power back to the electric grid while in idle. Research out of the University of Warwick has thoroughly investigated this prospect and has developed several models which can be used to simulate the effects of this plan on both the electric grid and electric vehicles. The primary researcher, Dr. Kotub Uddin, and his colleagues have concluded that in order to supply sufficient power to an average-sized company building, only around 2% of the vehicles in the parking lot would have to plug in to the grid. Additionally, it was previously thought that this Vehicle to Grid (V2G) infrastructure would rapidly degrade the lithium-ion batteries used to power electric vehicles, but Dr. Uddin’s research appears to indicate only a 9% drop in capacity over a year. This insight, alongside with decreasing costs for lithium-ion batteries, could lead towards a more efficient electric grid in the nearby future.


by Lucas McCullum