Tesla Model 3 Game Changer

On Friday of last week, Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk debuted, and distributed to 30 beta testers, the first design, components, and features of their previously announced, and soon to be globally released, Tesla Model 3 EV. The creation of the Tesla Model 3 is, arguably, the most important EV in the history of the industry. If successful upon release, the Tesla 3 changes the very structure of how EVs are manufactured and marketed to the masses. With its sleek design, new user interface system and promise of being the smoothest, fastest, and most affordable (price currently said to be $35,000), the Tesla 3 can be the catalyst to push the EV business to new financial and commercial heights. Potentially, the Tesla 3 can make EVs more popular to own in the eyes of the public, bringing a bigger market impact and vehicular impact to the industry we’ve come accustomed to.

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by Darius McDaniels