Lookin’ Smart


Check out the new Electric Drive smart car. I chose the above photo from the “smart expressions” category of their photo gallery. We may be moving into the future, but we will never leave kitsch behind. (And by kitsch here I mean the pixelated camo, an almost always visually offensive pattern choice.)

I used to think that all smartcars were electric, but it seems like this is their only electric model so far. At 25k it’ll set you back just as much as other electric options, but you get all the advantages that a conventional smart car has over other conventional cars like its size. It has a 76 mile range in the city and it takes 6 hours to charge it from 0% to 100% on a 240v outlet.

I’m not well versed enough in the technical specs to know who smart car’s electric drive is best for, but I have to say smart car does great job of selling it. The language of their copy and the bright colors of their design make for a friendly and spunky approach to the customer. The branding of smart cars in general seems to be the ideas of ‘fun’ and ‘distinction’ from the rest of the market. Hence the “Fun Calculator.” Someone in the marketing department is doing their job right!

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