From whale oil to the future

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I’m sure that Yahoo! Answers will someday be just another miniscule figment in the general nostalgia of our pluralistic times, but as it is still in existence, it came up as one of the first search returns on my quest to learn about what happened the last time we quit using a fuel source.

Save the whales!!

According to my research ethanol oil blends replaced whale oil in the 1830s and whales have slowly gotten a chance to repopulate, but thanks to Japan and possibly Norway, whale activists aren’t quite out of a job yet. Whales can count one of their lucky stars that whale oil wasn’t the primary fuel source when there were 6 billion people on the planet. The US used 134 billion gallons of oil in 2011. We need power. My point is that it’s almost inevitable that crude oil is going to run out or become too rare of a commodity to be economically viable, so we’re going to need another source of fuel upon which we can pin all of our hopes and insecurities. While biodiesels exist too, it might be time to learn a lesson about depending on finite resources. (Psst, the commercial corn industry is for sure getting in on the destruction of the environment too.) We’ve been using electricity for a good amount of time already and even found several renewable ways to generate it. If we can put people on the moon and power atrocities like Times Square, I have faith that the scientists of our generation can figure out efficient batteries for electric vehicles.

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