So yesterday I had car trouble.  I drive a ’01 Volkswagon Beetle which, from the day I bought it 3 years ago, has given me a variety of problems. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great car (and cute, too) but days like yesterday make me want to pull my hair out. It started with the “engine overheating” light – which is a little red thermometer icon on my dash. I figured, “Meh, it’s still driving just fine so I’m going to ignore it for now.”  That is, until I parked my car in the Arundel Mills Mall parking lot and noticed a copious amount of smoke/steam/scary-looking-white-vapor pouring out from under the hood of my car.  I stood, frowning at my poor car, only managing to utter the following:

“Oh…oh my”



Eventually, I saw the friends I was meeting and walked over to them.  We talked about what I should do and decided calling AAA would be a good idea. In the meantime, a security guard had nervously approached my still smoking vehicle and, as he reported to his walkie-talkie that the situation was under control, told me that my vehicle was smoking.


…Is what I wanted to say, but I stuck with a sensible,

“I know, thank you, I’m calling AAA”

After a few more hours of dealing with the problem, some less-than-helpful Jiffylube employees informed me that there was some sort of antifreeze leak…so I’m taking my car to a mechanic tomorrow to see what the deal is.

That took longer to explain that I thought, but I promise that I do actually have a point here.

The combustion engine is so complex it’ll make your head spin. There are so many things that could go wrong and turn your car into a fiery inferno. During this whole ordeal I found myself on a number of occasions, both in my head and out loud, wishing that I had an electric car.  Yes, they still require maintenance, but way less than a combustion-engined car. That’s a fact.

They’re just simple.

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