Thanks Obama

Aren’t you glad we have a president who thinks in the long run?

The New York Times article today headlined “Obama Readying Emissions Limits on Power Plants” reported that Obama’s administration is beginning to hash out policies to control emissions specifically for power plants. According to the article power plants account for 40% of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. I have no idea how central power plants are to supplying the nation with power, though I imagine that the reason it’s difficult to restrict pre-existing plants as opposed to newly built ones is because once they start generating power the communities they serve become dependent on them. Skeptics of the regulations worry that limiting power plants will negatively impact job growth and energy prices.

As dependent as we may be on these power plants, if they are detrimental to the climate, they may be harming us more than helping us. It’s like when you see a woman smoking and pushing a stroller at the same time on the street. Or eating a candy bar to get energy to go on a run.

The regulations will take years to be in effect (but Obama pursues them because he seems to value the longterm influence) so that means we can expect the urgency for alternative fuels to rise ever more, and electric vehicles are sure to play a role in the consumer side of things.

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