EVs & Chargers are Available in Local Dealer Shop

More and more dealer shops are offering EVs currently since the businessmen could sense the profit for this new technology. Luckily, my partner and I had a chance to talk to employees at Bob Davidson Ford in Baltimore at the end of June. They offer 2 hybrids, 2 plug-in hybrids, and 1 all-electric vehicle, in the price range of $25,995 to $45,375.  They have two charging stations, which are free to EV drivers. We spoke to a young dealer who seemed to be more environmentally aware and the marketing manager who focused more on their professional marketing strategy.

This Ford Fusion Energi belonged to the owner of the dealership.

This Ford Fusion Energi belonged to the owner of the dealership.

Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric

The young dealer we spoke with told us, “EVs are really neat, and they are where the future goes”. When talking with customers, he prefers to recommend these new technological products. Based on his experience, focusing on cost savings and benefits tends to have a greater effect on buyers than explaining how the battery works.   He told us that for the plug-in and all-electric vehicles, many people lease them rather than buy them.  They can still get tax credits this way, but they can upgrade as better technology continues to come around.


The marketing manager told us that for EVs, “Marketing is slowely but surely taking shape.”  He also thinks that their sales have moved slower than he thought they would.  He mentioned that the hybrid offered at their parterning Lincoln dealership, simply has an “H” next to the model name.  Customers looking for a luxury car do not want “hybrid,” something new and not very posh, spelled out on the side of their fancy car.  He stressed customers’ continued fear of change.  This manager also told us that a solar company had hoped to partner with them.  This company wanted to sell solar panals as a package deal with EVs so that EV drivers could charge their new vehicles using renewable energy.  This partnership was not accepted by Bob Davidson Ford, but they did agree to pass the company’s information on to their EV customers.  Finally, the manager mentioned that this is a new market, and America should take advantage of it before other countries take more action.  

2 responses to “EVs & Chargers are Available in Local Dealer Shop

  1. I did not meet the driver of the first one (Ford Fusion) I think he just put his car there to get it charged, it is free of charger:), but I am glad the owner of EV could make better use of time when it is charged. And for the second one (Ford Focus), it is happy to know that people could lease EV, though I did not have the chance to test either of them that day~

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