Caterpillar’s New Creation

In my browsing through different articles about alternative energy I happened across the Xeropoint hybrid marine propulsion system. This system is the product of Aspin Kemp and Associates (AKA), and Caterpillar.

They have designed this to better propulsion systems in tug boats, and hope to have this technology implemented in yachts. For now we have some cool tech specs on AKA’s site, link below, showing why this new system will be better than a standard system. There is more redundancy in the Xeropoint hybrid, which for anybody who owns a boat knows is a great thing! Nobody want’s to be held in the unmerciful hands of the sea, and with the Xeropoint hybrid you have main engines, auxiliary engines, and the electric motor that all drive the propulsion system. All of theses redundancies are brilliant, especially for tug boats. How embarrassing if it was your duty to help those stranded at sea, and you get stranded yourself?

For more information:

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