The BMW i3

The BMW i3 Concept model.

The BMW i3 Concept model.

    The BMW i3 electric car will be hitting Europe and the US in the next year and it has some interesting features to contribute to the EV market.  First of all, this is a BMW, so it could really appeal to some drivers that are turned off by the current EV market.  Second of all, the i3 can either be all-electric, with an impressive range of 93 miles (120 in power-saving mode,) or buyers can opt for a small gasoline engine to extend the range to 186 miles.  In addition to the typical dashboard display, the i3 will show the locations of nearby charging stations.  In some areas, a roadside assistance program will exist where a quick charge can be brought to a dead i3, so that it can travel to the nearest charging station.  There will also be a rental program of gasoline or diesel powered cars when i3 drivers need an extended range. BMW is also working on some hybrid models.  It will be interesting to see how this model fares in the market, but BMW seems to have some interesting and potentially really successful improvements to the electric car.

For more info: With i3 Electric Car, BMW Tries to Ease Range Anxiety

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