July 10th I was able to tour a GM facility in White Marsh, Maryland, and my mind was BLOWN! The weight of the unit that is functionally the engine and transmission has a total weight of 250 lbs! Most engines alone are 250 lbs, and most transmissions are another 150 lbs. This reduction in weight is due to the fact that electric cars simply have less moving parts. Electric cars are much more beautifully engineered than the SparkEVcomparable gasoline engine. There is more torque, less energy used, and less moving parts. All of which simplify many issues.


Years ago, I was helping my Dad swap out a transmission in a Ford Explorer. It took a strong jack, and both my Dad and I to get the old transmission off, and to manhandle the new one into place. The size and weight of the transmission was difficult to handle, but these new electric drive units are so much smaller! To a mechanic this is one of the most to date.


One response to “Brilliant!

  1. Is there something specific about electric cars you find difficult to understand? There might be a blog post that sheds new light on that, or it could be a topic for a future post.

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