Check Out eGallon Prices

How much does it cost to drive to work everyday? The price of gasoline is posted around the entrance of every gas station, then what about the electricity price? How could you be persuaded that EVs save money?


eGallon demonstrates how much it costs to consume drive an electric vehicle compared with covering the same distance in a gasoline powered combustion engine. It is almost 3 times cheaper to run on electricity: an eGallon is $1.18 on average (compared to $3.49 for gasoline) and an eGallon is $1.26  in Maryland (compared to $3.52 for gasoline). Besides, gasoline fluctuates with the dynamic international market, which make its price unpredictable. However, the price of electricity is more stable regionally, removing customer’s burden of increasing price seen in gasoline.

Are you wondering how much you can save to drive with electricity? eGallon prices are available for all 50 states and District of Columbia on, check out how much you can save by driving an electric car in your state.

Download eGallon Methodology to learn how it is calculated.


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