Almost 300 EV Charging Stations are Available At the Kroger Family of Stores

Kroger, one of the largest U.S. supermarket chains, shows increasing interest in being a leader for the sustainability in food services and minimizing their detrimental environmental effect. Currently, due to the expansion partnership with ECOtality, a clean electric transportation and storage technologies company, Kroger is excited to bring more electric charging stations to several key markets across the U.S., helping coworkers and customers live more sustainable lives.

Specifically, in an answer to the growing interest in switching to hybrid and all-electric vehicles, over 200 Level 2 and 25 DC Blink electric charging stations (EV) with be installed at 125 stores in several key markets of Kroger through EV project.

Blink network is also active in the operation of installing charging stations with other companies such as IKEA, one of the largest furniture retailers in the world. By the end of this summer, IKEA will add another 24 Blink charging stations, which makes 55 Blink Charging stations available in U.S.. This will serve as an extra bonus for the adoption of electric vehicles!

Keep yourself up to date on Blink map to locate the nearest available charging station.

3 responses to “Almost 300 EV Charging Stations are Available At the Kroger Family of Stores

  1. So glad to hear that it is helpful to your work and more people are paying attentions to EVs. Any feedback is appreciated as your research is going on. Best luck!

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