Build Your Own EVSE

    One of the most remarkable things about EVs is their simplicity.  Their assembly and operation is so streamlined it makes you question the inventor of the internal combustion engine (you can blame Étienne Lenoir for that one.)  Surprisingly, the related EVSE are also incredibly straightforward.  So much so that OpenEVSE offers a guide on how to build your own Level 2 charging station. They offer a custom enclosure for the DIY charger, both in indoor and outdoor versions, and a guide that outlines the needed parts, where to order them, and steps for assembly.  The charger comes out to around half the cost of a typical 240 V charger ($500).


The beginnings of a DIY EVSE.

    For anyone with a little electrical knowledge and some time on their hands, this is a great way to save some money.  In Electric Car Insider, a contributor described attending a half-day workshop on putting together an OpenEVSE charger.  So for you EV drivers out there putting off buying a Level 2 home charger, look into building your own!


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