Plan on our future-Saving Money & Saving Energy

“The disaster will influence all countries”! According to the International Energy Agency Report, urgent attentions are needed on the risk of global climate change, and the crisis is expected to deepen without taking drastic action to control the soaring level of carbon dioxide. The documentary film “We Are All Smith Islanders”demonstrates how global warming is threatening wildlife, shores, and inhabitants of Chesapeake Bay region. power plant emissions

I feel so sorry for the urgent environmental issues that we have faced and even the global barriers that next generation will have to fight with, but if we can make it better before it goes worse, why not take the action. We do not want the last water on earth is the tear of our offspring.

However, we never stop looking at clean energy solutions. Based on the analysis of State of Charge and a lot of other researches, EV produce less global warming emissions even if charged from electricity grid. It is true that manufacturing vehicles still emit pollutants and hybrid vehicles(one type of EVs) are not zero-emission, but we have to admit EVs allows us to produce lower emissions.

In addition, people are working on charging with renewable energy such as wind and solar or even hydro. This is a great car I saw on the last day of this month. It is a shining all-electric solar & wind powered car running on the road rather than on a car show. Solar cell on the top, battery inside, and it can be charged by other clean electricity grid such as wind.Parked along the road, it never fails to attract visitors on the road. The driver maintained a smiling countenance and I can tell he is proud of his car partner. And it deserves the credits. As the driver put it, it enables him to cover 40 miles for a full charge, which is outreach the average American drive (25-35 miles per day). He can commute between place of work and home without worrying about the power, and even stopping by the grocery shop,shopping mall, picking up your kids.

Electric Vehicle with Solar & Wind Power

Electric Vehicle with Solar & Wind Power

Sometimes we just find excuse for our fear to change. Tesla Model S is too expensive for widely adoption of EV, while some drivers would also fear to bid when it costs only around $2,500 . This smart driver takes the change, and now he is on the cutting edge for saving money & saving energy!                                                                                       


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