An EV Conversation

smoky mountain

Driving on the trip to Smoky Mountain, we had to stop to refuel the car from time to time since the tank felt hungry too quickly.  This time, I found a car service and repair shop is just next to where we parked to refuel the van. However, I found the staff is super positive about the use of petroleum and gas, but it is kind of sad when he interpreted the rising of oil price only as the strategy of marketing and care less about how many traditional energy resource left. Also, he is fear considering the threats to his works as the adoption of EV.

“What if your services include the battery replacement as well” ? I suggest, “then I would think about it.” “Cool!”

The story does not end there, we continue to need feed our van’s costly dinner. To make matters worse, some gas stations accepted only cash. How easy our life would be if the car is an electric car! For instance, we can always charge the car when we are visiting the scenic spots, having lunch on the highway, and even staying in the motel. A lot of time could be used when we park the car, and a lot of money is saved… Then I talk to my peers, trying to get some ideas on how do they feel about that. “Oh, I would love to have one if the cost is not that expensive.” one dude said,”Currently, the price of EV is not its shining point at the first glance, but the improvement of battery can help to reduce the cost, and maybe we could really get there once we find the alternate metal for the battery.” People are working on that and get the barriers removed piece by piece, we could get there finally!


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