Pup Proven Electric Vehicles

Adopting Barkley, my five month old puppy, from the rescue he was in ranks among the best decisions I have ever made. So he pees on the carpet sometimes (no one is perfect). He is the sweetest, most affectionate dog I have ever met, and I am so glad I got the chance to give him a good home.

Before this turns into a Sarah McLachlan style ‘Adopt a Dog’ ad, I will get to the point. Walking Barkley along a busy street like North Avenue is a nightmare. A puppy fostered in the countryside of Southern Maryland, he shakes when the roar of a truck, or even a sedan, echoes down the street, whimpering and trying to run inside the nearest building. He will climb the steps of the nearest rowhome to try and escape the terrifying noise, his tail tucked between his legs. It is not the cars that scare him, since he faces them bravely as we traverse side streets and alleys, away from the echoing effect of a wide boulevard. It is the sound that terrifies him, the roar of the engines as they thunder down the road.

I want to be able to walk my dog to the dog park without him becoming terrified, but with even the precursory noise of passing cars reducing him to a petrified eight and a half pound lump, that is impossible. Electric cars, with their smooth engines silently whispering down the road are the obvious solution to this problem. Aside from my dog not cowering in fear, the reduction in noise pollution would be a welcome reprieve from usual distant hum of cars in motion, their engines roaring to life with the sounds of thousands of explosions powering their wheels.

Barkley sleeping on the chair next to me as I write this

Barkley sleeping on the chair next to me as I write this

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