Frozen Proving Ground:Antarctica

Zero degrees Fahrenheit is the average annual temperature. This location is over 2400 miles from any form of civilization.


Any vehicle needs heaters on everything to function. Heaters are absolutely required to keep fuel above the gel point.


Special tires, or tracks are on land vehicles to provide traction on snow and ice.


These are the conditions to which Venturi is designing a vehicle to meet. They are planning to send their vehicle to Antarctica in 2015. This will be a great test for electric vehicles. We will get to see how well this polar vehicle can function in subzero temperatures. And it sounds like the need for electric vehicles at McMurdo Station has been in want for decades. Until 2015 the McMurdo fleet will continue using diesel vehicles that require 1 kW of power from an electric heater every hour to keep the engine from freezing in place. Having an electric fleet could significantly reduce the amount of energy used, and it sounds like everything in the Antarctic comes at a premium, energy is no exception. Implementing electric vehicles could reduce the cost of operation both in monetary and environmental aspects.

Without further ado here is the Venturi Antarctica.



Venturi Antarctica

 Image at:


Curious about things at the North Pole? Check out this article:






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