The Harrowing Future

     A lot of people still wonder what will actually happen as we continue to emit more and more greenhouse gases into our atmosphere.  Well, this graph does a pretty good job showing you exactly what could be in our future if we don’t change our living habits soon.  Not only will our food and water supplies be threatened, but so will our cities and our ways of life.  There is already inevitable sea level rise, ocean acidification, ice melt, and crop deductions.

    Right now, we have a choice to make.  We can continue pursuing unconventional sources of oil, which will absolutely send this world downward spiraling into destruction, or we can pursue renewable sources of energy, many of which have been in the works for years and are already ready to be implemented on a mass scale.  Do we wait until our world is beyond repair and we are scrounging for fuel, or do we plan ahead and prepare by implementing renewable energy and reducing our use of precious, but polluting, resources now.  Shifting from conventional to electric vehicles could be a huge step in lessening the load on our planet.  The emissions that would not be released could set us back an entire column on this graph.

    If the graph doesn’t do it, watch this video.  It’s over 6 years old but the message is still valid.  Only now it is even more urgent.  It puzzles me how so many people lack the foresight to tackle our current environmental issues but maybe these resources will help convince them a little more.

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