Which comes first, EVs or EVI?

    Just like with the infamous chicken and egg, it’s hard to tell what is needed first for EVs to flourish: the vehicles, or the charging stations and related infrastructure.

    Let’s say vehicles need to be purchased and driven first.  We don’t need chargers until there are vehicles to use them, right?  We didn’t start creating apps until smart phones had those capabilities.  TV shows weren’t written and produced until consumers started buying and watching televisions. People need to start buying EVs and noticeably driving them around for businesses and offices to be convinced to install charging stations.  If they are not needed, they won’t be installed.

    But what if you think the chargers need to be installed before EVs can rule the road?  There are already plenty of EVs out there now; where are their drivers going to charge their vehicles?  And how will drivers be convinced to switch to electric if they don’t see chargers around in their communities? EVs cannot flourish if they have nowhere to refuel.

    This is always an issue.  But I think these developments need to go hand in hand.  Chargers must be installed now, even if they are not going to be constantly used at first.  Electric cars are becoming more and more popular and they are going to need somewhere to refuel.  However, at the same time, we can’t wait for the infrastructure to be complete in every town to start buying electric vehicles.  An increased EV presence on roads will urge those businesses and institutions that have not installed chargers yet, to consider getting them.

    EVs and EVI are born together, at the same time, and they will develop alongside each other as EVs begin to play a larger role in the transportation world.

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