A Boost for Bikers

Biking is huge in Denmark.  I bike to school whenever I can and more than half of the Danes bike everyday simply because it is easier and faster than driving or taking public transportation.  However, biking isn’t for everyone.  There are plenty of people that aren’t up for activity in the mornings, or bike with heavy loads in a cargo box.  That’s why Danes are starting to see more and more electric bikes on the road.  Postman, Pizza Deliverer, and many others are starting to use electric bikes to help give them that extra boost.  Electric bikes still allow pedaling, making it feel like a normal bike, but they make biking less of an exercise.

When I traveled to London in October, I learned about a new double-battery, solar-powered electric bike called the ZEDbike.  This bike can transport a person up to 48 kilometers on one charge at speeds of 24-35 kilometers per hour.  A unique charging structure has been designed called the Solar Tree that charges multiple bikes at once.

Electric vehicles can come in all shapes and sizes.  Living in Denmark has taught me the practicality of riding a bike places.  When the infrastructure is in place, it really is the best way to get from point A to B.  Here’s to hoping biking and maybe even electric-biking can take off in the US soon!

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