Montgomery County Leads the way in EV Charging in Maryland

One day as I was driving through Bethesda, MD I had noticed something new on the side of the road.  It was a pole-mounted solar array with 2 charging plugs attached to it!  I’ve driven down Old Georgetown Road several times before but it was my first time seeing it over the summer.  I had to pull over and snap a picture.  After further investigating this EV charging location, I learned that it was installed by Advanced Technology and Research Corporation (

Companies like these are becoming more popular as Maryland works toward increasing Maryland’s renewable energy portfolio to 20% RPS by 2022 (Maryland Energy Administration).

As I continue to learn more about electric vehicles and the infrastructure that supports them, my awareness of such technologies have become enhanced.  It is an exciting time to be a Montgomery County resident because residences are seeing cutting edge, renewable energy technologies that improve the health of the environment and incentivizes those who invest in green technologies.  The County also holds the rank of most EV charging stations in the state (38 stations), according to this article from the Gazette.  This informative write-up goes into detail how Montgomery County leads the way in EV charging stations.

I wonder how many EV charging stations Montgomery County will have by the end of 2014?

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