Where To From Here?

Inventions are made all the time by people who challenge the status quo. For many years electric vehicles have been around, but some may say that they are too far ahead of their time.

To a point I agree that electric cars are ahead of their time, but I think that is a function of two main things: manufacturing cost, and a lack of charging infrastructure. There are not charging stations as frequently or readily available as there are gas stations, or even gas stations that also sell diesel fuel. In my everyday commute I don’t see charging stations anywhere except at UMBC.

For most people they don’t consider every outlet a source for a car. Society has not developed around electric vehicles enough for people to consider that. We often need a visual reminder to think about something new. But, I know that personally I almost subconsciously calculate how far I can go on each tank, and how far I drive daily. I even think about how long I can go without plugging in my laptop, and phone. These are some of the things I have started to rely on daily, and see daily.

To get the infrastructure closer to the eye of the public we need big signs, and billboards saying “Charge Station Exit 23B.”


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