Could you use an EV?

The results are in!  A recent survey performed by the Union of Concerned Scientists in conjunction with the Consumers Union found that 42% of US households could use today’s EVs! That is, 42% would easily be able to drive an electric vehicle just like they are easily able to drive their gasoline vehicle now.  The survey addressed some of the major challenges associated with owning an electric vehicle such as range, charging, passenger capacity, and hauling needs. The results were positive, demonstrating that many drivers already have parking and access to charging, they do not need space for more than four passengers, and they often do not need to haul anything.

Additionally, they found that 69% of drivers drive within the range of many battery-electric vehicles on the market today (that is 60 miles or less).  Almost all EVs today can last that long on a single charge.

Finally, 65% of US Households believe that EVs are an “essential part of our nation’s transportation future for reducing oil use and global warming pollution.”

There you have it! Read more about the survey and start thinking if you, too, could become the owner of an electric vehicle someday soon! 


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