The Ford C-Max Solar Energi Hybrid Concept

Right now, it’s just a concept car, but Ford has come up with something pretty remarkable: The C-Max Solar Energi Hybrid Vehicle.

 This car was debuted recently at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and it could be the real deal.

The C-Max solar is a plug-in hybrid at its foundation.  In addition to the electric motor, there are a series of solar panels on it’s roof that, when in sunlight, can produce energy to run the car.  The issue with many solar cars is that exposure to sunlight, even for extended periods of time, is never enough to fully charge the battery.  Ford has come up with an inventive charging system in which the car would park under a lens canopy that would magnify the sun’s rays 8-fold.  They have even suggested shifting the car under the canopy as the sun moves across the sky to maximize charging.  This system could fully charge the C-max after 7 hours of charging.

Due to this highly specific charging method and the car’s relatively low range of 21 miles, the vehicle would likely run mainly on plug-in electricity or gasoline.  However, this concept is creative and has the potential to galvanize an era of a new kind of solar vehicle.

Read more here.

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