Riding In EVs

Over the past week I rode in a Volkswagen Jetta hybrid, and a Toyota Pruis, in addition to my normal Ford Focus. The Jetta I rode in Colorado for a few days, and it was wonderfully quiet! We went along at 70 mph on the highways, and it accelerated like a champ. There is no loss of power in the Jetta, which also has a turbo. Turbos certainly help a lot in giving your car more power.

While I was in the car I didn’t notice much effect of regenerative breaking. However, the rpm gauge is partitioned of into economy ranges, and charge. If you accelerate hard the car goes above 6k rpm, but hit the brakes and the needle drops to show the battery being recharged. Driving through the mountains of Colorado the rpm needle what more mobile than I am used to, but I enjoyed it dancing across the gauge while I climbed peaks. The entire time I rode around in the Jetta hybrid it was sweetly silent, even climbing the Rocky Mountain it barely spoke up.

When I got back to Maryland, a friend of mine took me for a ride in her Prius. It was just as quiet! The Prius didn’t have the analogue gauges, everything was digital on it. But, it did look sheik. The Prius boasts around 50 mpg, where the Jetta hybrid has around 40 mpg. Personally I still think that the Jetta looks better than the Prius, but Toyota is making leaps and bounds in getting to an aesthetic more people will appreciate.

Both cars are awesome! I didn’t put either car through its paces, but they both seems to have more than enough to keep pace with the every day drivers on the road.

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