Debunking a few EV myths…

You’ve probably heard so many things about electric vehicles that you don’t know what exactly to believe.  Here, I’ll debunk two common EV myths.

1) Electric Cars pollute just as much, if not more, than gasoline cars since they get their energy from coal. 

Not true. What is true though, is that power plants vary greatly in their energy efficiency across the country.  However, the Union of Concerned Scientists found that even if an EV was charged off of the dirtiest grid in the country, it still wouldn’t be worse than gasoline cars.  In fact, it would have about an equivalent carbon footprint as the most efficient non-hybrid gasoline car on the road today.  EVs charging on cleaner grids will be even more efficient than the average gasoline car.

2) Turning off the AC and rolling down the windows saves electricity (or gas.)

Not exactly. Turning off the AC does save energy. And rolling down the windows is fine for city driving, or any driving below around 40 mph.  However, when getting up to higher speeds, open windows create lots of turbulence that offset any gains in efficiency from before.  So in summary, keep your AC off when you can, and keep your windows rolled up on the highway.

For more myth-busting, click here.

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