Increasing Clean Vehicles are Around the Corner

The ongoing Washington DC 2014 Auto show displays over 700 new models of cars, demonstrating the cutting-edge of energy technology and the growing awareness on sustainable transportation.

With the development of electric grid, incorporate solar cells on the top is worth considering and will be a lot of fun! Among them, Ford concept car, CMax Solar Energi, stands out as a combination of electric vehicle and solar energy, The panel roof concentrates solar rays and this daily worth of sunlight is equal to 8 kWh battery charge, reducing the greenhouse gas emission by 4 metric tons on a single driver. Though the efficiency of solar cells still needs improving, Sunpower’s E-series solar panels have beated a world record efficiency of 21.5%, offering more reliable panels for the car.

The upcoming innovation on clean energy, technology and safety will get us a bright sustainable development for sure!

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