How Far is EV Fleet? A Conversation with Energy Office in Baltimore

On Thursday (07/10/2014), Baltimore Electric Vehicle Initiative (BEVI) interns had an interview with Jason Mathias, Environmental Policy Analyst from Department of General Services in Baltimore Energy Office. Around the topic of Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet planing in the city of Baltimore, we have better understood the goals, problems, and actions in terms of current EV fleet landscape in the state.


1. Energy Reduction: reduce per capita electricity consumption in Maryland by 15% by 2015

2. Renewable Energy: increase Maryland’s renewable energy portfolio to 20% RPS by 2022

3. Climate Action: reduce Maryland’s greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020

4. Green Jobs: recover 100% of jobs lost due to the Great Recession by the end of FY2014


Lack of real solid economic numbers to support the benefits of EV fleet versus gas cars. (Cost-saving  justification)


1. An “EV Pilot Program” would allow various government agencies to test electric vehicle on a daily basis during the program. It has been scheduled to have 5 pure electric cars delivered to the agencies.

2. These 5 EVs will be the source of real data to justify the benefits of having EV fleets.

Funds available:

1. The Maryland Freedom Fleet Voucher (FFV) Program

2. Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (EVIP)

More grants and incentives on Maryland Electric Vehicle (MEA) website